Therma Elite™

Therma Elite™ garage doors offer a luxurious appearance and are a hybrid garage door. Using our insulated sandwich construction Therma Tech II flush steel door sections; we apply precision cut exterior quality composite overlay designs to create the largest selection of carriage style designs in the industry. These doors have an insulation value of 10.4 R, a Thermal Barrier Joint and are factory painted after assembly. Unlike other overlay doors the Therma Elite maintains uniform dimensions of the overlay components regardless of the door size. Over height and odd width doors are just as attractive as standard sizes.

Product Info

CONSTRUCTION: The Therma Elite™ is made using hot dipped galvanized wood grain textured steel skins that are sandwiched with a (EPS) polystyrene core. This type of construction forms a true thermal barrier between front and back of door. 20 gauge steel backer plates are toggle locked to the inside of the back skin prior to assembly. A precision computer cut ½;” thick exterior composite overlay is cut from large sheets of the composite material reducing the amount of joints that would exist if made with individual components. The overlay is mechanically attached and adhered to the steel door face. All joints between the overlay and door skin are then sealed/caulked, prime painted and finish paint applied.

Nominal Specifications:

* R values are calculated specifically for the colder climates and offer the best long term insulating value.

STANDARD WIDTHS: 8'-0"   9'-0"   10'-0"   12'-0"   14'-0"   15'-0"   16'-0"   18'-0"
STANDARD HEIGHTS: 7'-0" 8'-0" 9'-0" 10'-0" 11'-0" 12'-0"   
4-24” 1-24"
5-24” 2-24"


HARDWARE: 15" or 12" radius torsion hardware; track is 2" bracket mounted. Quiet long life nylon rollers, non-corrosive door fixtures and graduated hinges are standard. U-shaped galvanized struts are supplied with every double car door to keep the door rigid.