Flush Doors

The Commercial/Industrial wood doors are completely flush and have no horizontal ribs on the door face for a total sleek and uniform look. These panel doors are available in most any size you desire including odd widths and heights. Northwest commercial wood doors are built with pride and integrity by seasoned craftsmen and have earned a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Product Info

CONSTRUCTION: Door frames are constructed using 1-1/2" thick finger-jointed West Coast kiln dried Hem/Fir stiles and rails with Tongue & Groove weather joints at meeting rails. A 1-1/2" thick polystyrene core and 1/4" Luan Mahogany Plywood back can be added to these models to increase to insulating qualities and add additional strength to the door. These models are (Model 161) with Luan Mahogany Plywood on exterior, (Model 164) with Rough Sawn Breckenridge (Okume) Plywood on exterior, and (Model 166) with 3/8" M.D.O. (Medium Density Overlay) Plywood on exterior.


STANDARD WIDTHS: 8'-0" 9'-0" 10'-0" 12'-0" 16'-0" 18'-0" 20'-0" 24'-0"
Panels Horizontally 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 7

STANDARD HEIGHTS: 7'-0" 8'-0" 9'-0" 10'-0" 12'-0" 14'-0" 16'-0"
Recessed Panels Vertically 4 5 5 5 6 7 8


HARDWARE: 15" radius torsion hardware; track is 2" hemmed and bracket mounted. 3" track supplied when required by weight. Heavy duty steel rollers, non corrosive door fixtures and 14 gauge graduated hinges are standard. Double end hinges and long stem rollers are included on doors 16'-2" wide or as required by weight. U-shaped galvanized struts are supplied on doors over 14'-2" wide or as required by weight to keep the door rigid. All doors are standard with interior slide bolt lock.